We are specialists in telling lies … 24 times per second!!! We create impossible images, decorated and virtual characters, 3D integration with real image, elements of nature like water, fire, smoke, particles. For this we use sophisticated techniques such as: modeling, texture and 3D lighting, matte painting, chroma key, composition, rotoscopy, motion capture, camera tracking, colour grading, etc. All this puts VFX at the service of history, saving costs in production and achieving the most spectacular results.


VFX efectos visuales virtual art españa valencia madrid barcelona


In all production a good production design is necessary, which specifies what to build physically and what should be done with digital techniques, always thinking of a better finish and at the same time reducing costs.

VFX efectos visuales virtual art españa valencia madrid barcelona


We move to the shooting to supervise and advise how to shoot the scenes that contain visual effects, and thus avoid the painful measure of: “this will be arranged in a pospo”, that always ends up hurting the budget of productions.

VFX efectos visuales virtual art españa valencia madrid barcelona


¡Of course we also do the effects! Our specialty is to make beautiful images and for this we use all the necessary techniques to carry out the visual effects of any type of production, but it is not enough to say it, we have to prove it.


One of the things we like most is to be able to advise the filmmakers or producers how to record those VFX plans they dream about in their movie or publication, working together from pre-production so that there is no failure. If you are currently thinking about how to make an effect, do not hesitate and get in touch with us, we will be happy to help you.



Unity is strength


And if you also need good colour grading, do not hesitate and let us help you: you can forget the complicated workflows of work, there is nothing like doing everything in the same studio, because if there were any problems with a plan during the grading, we can solve it right away without crossovers, calls, heavy uploads of files, incompatibilities between formats … Everything will remain in house.

We have special rates for short filmmakers

We understand that the world of the short film is usually working with low budgets, and therefore we want to help you!
We offer all the services at the minimum price.