Colour grading room

At Virtual Art we are experts in colour correction for all types of audiovisual productions. We have a room dedicated to the art of colour grading, perfectly equipped for the best treatment of colour whether your project is 1080p, 2K, 4K or 3D, and of course conditioned so that our clients are comfortable during the sessions, with an impeccable 5.1 sound so you can see your finished project in the best conditions, always thinking about the final quality of audiovisual productions.

etalonaje barato económico virtual art españa valencia madrid barcelona


We have a 120-inch screen so you can see each detail next to a 10 bits (1.073 million colours) projector for a perfect colour gradation because, when you perform the grading of a project designed for the big screen , It is necessary to have that feeling of Cinema.

etalonaje barato económico virtual art españa valencia madrid barcelona


Sit comfortably with your coffee or a refreshment during the colour grading session, if you are comfortable you can better communicate your indications so that our technicians offer you the final result that you want.

etalonaje barato económico virtual art españa valencia madrid barcelona


To finish the work, there is nothing better than leaving the studio with the material prepared for any type of projection, either in a laptop or in a digital cinema. Tell us what material you need and we will prepare it for you: Masters, DCPs, viewing files, DVD, Blu-ray…

Unity is strength


And if your project also contains digital effects, do not hesitate and let us help you: you can forget the complicated workflows of work, there is nothing like doing everything in the same studio, because if there are problems with some plans during the grading, We can solve it right away without crossovers, calls, heavy uploads of files, incompatibilities between formats … Everything will be in house.

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We offer all services for a small fee. Ask us for a quote so that we can better understand your project, our intention is to help you in everything we can.

Depending on the number of sessions your project requires, we have some discount tables to offer you.

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We have special rates for short filmmakers

We understand that the world of the short film is usually working with low budgets, and for this we want to help you.
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